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Here you can find all released files (SIS & Source code) about S60 version of Frozen Bubble.
Licensed under the GNU GPL v2
The certificate expiration issue was resolved.

Latest Release (Version 0.94)

fb_s60_3rdv0.94_320x240.signed.sisx Binary for ARM device
S60 v3 (320x240)
fb_s60_3rdv0.94r2_240x320.signed.sisx Binary for ARM device
S60 v3 (240x320)
fb_s60_3rdv0.94r2_352x416.signed.sisx Binary for ARM device
S60 v3 (352x416)
fb_s60_3rdv0.94r2_176x208.signed.sisx Binary for ARM device
S60 v3 (176x208)
FrozenBubble0.94v1.2.sis Binary for ARM device
S60 v1.2 & v2.0
Source code    
fb_s60_3rdv0.94_320x240.zip Source code
(3rd edition 320x240)
fb_s60_3rdv0.94_240x320.zip Source code
(3rd edition 240x320)
fb_s60_3rdv0.94_352x416.zip Source code
(3rd edition 352x416)
fb_s60_3rdv0.94_176x208.zip Source code
(3rd edition 176x208)
FrozenBubble0.94-src.zip Source code

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